Precis of Social Inequality Caused By Traditional Capitalism, And Hints At A Solution

13 trillion dollars

HOW WE GOT HERE: Nestle’s Money Mountain

Where exactly is Ice Mountain? I would have to guess the Ice Mountain is in Colorado Uhhh, Mt. Rainier Montana It’s Michigan spring water. The Swiss company Nestle has been pumping Michigan water under the brand Ice Mountain for 17 years bringing the company an annual profit of some 300 Continue Reading

EPIC! What Would Socialist America Look Like? What If Hillary Clinton HAD Won The 2016 Election?

How many head of a pen You are about to embark upon a journey into the twilight zone One where Hillary Rodham Clinton became America’s last president Imagine if you will a place in time where Hillary Clinton had won the rigged 2016 presidential election and was then inaugurated as Continue Reading

Wobblies & Zapatistas – Anarchism, Marxism & Radical History

Andrej Grubacic auf der anarchistischen Buchmesse, Bay Area am 15. März 2009 Aufnahme und Bearbeitung:Jamie LeJaune James Green hat ein tolles Buch über die Chicagoer Anarchisten geschrieben. Er sagte, dass sie gleichzeitig Marxisten und Anarchisten gewesen seien. Sie erfanden eine spezielle Art des Sozialismus, die sie Anarchismus genannt haben. Diese Continue Reading

All Religions Are the Same – Debunked (All Religions are True – Refuted)

Have you ever been told that “all religions are basically the same”, that “all religions basically teach the same thing”, or that “all religions are equally true”? If so, then I know your pain… and if not, then rest assured, for in time some well-intentioned liberal douche will throw one Continue Reading

Couple Recalls How They Learned Their Daughter Joined Controversial Texas Religious Group

Catherine went missing four and a half years ago Catherine was 26 she was in nursing school we were certain she must be hanging out with some friends for the holiday weekend Catherine called she said I’m in Wells Texas and she said I’m with a group of friends we Continue Reading


Hi there and welcome to real talk with angry soccer mom. This week’s discussion topics anything you feel is newsworthy about racism bigotry and inequality in America and like I usually say, that’s pretty much everything at this point and it’s unfortunate but that’s true. If you’re there please say Continue Reading

Part 3 • Karen Armstrong Interview on The Charter for Compassion Moving Forward

Sahil Badruddin: Going back to the Charter for Compassion, which has over two million signatories, what’s currently happening with it, and what are your future plans for it? Dr. Karen Armstrong: We’re coming to a turning point now because Joan Brown Campbell who has managed it for years, she’s retiring Continue Reading