Rebellion: On the frontlines of Hong Kong’s uprising | Four Corners

SOPHIE MCNEILL, REPORTER: For 3 months, the people of Hong Kong have taken to the streets. Famous for being orderly and law abiding… everyday Hong Kongers are now putting themselves on the frontlines. TOM, ‘FRONTLINER’: We’re not afraid, because Hong Kong is our home. Fighting for freedom is what I Continue Reading

Do All Religions Lead to God?

There are thousands of religions in the world. But are they all same? Are they all equal ways to connect with God and understand truth and morality? Does every path lead to God? Some religions may look the same, but underneath the surface the differences are vast and profound. For Continue Reading

Bishop Barron on Faith and Reason

[Music] there’s a reading for the Easter season and I think is very important for this question of faith and reason and I said that it might work here on YouTube one of the major objections that comes up is precisely along these lines that what we call faith is Continue Reading

Are We Living In A Fake Democracy?

On the 17th September 2011, the first protest of what was to become the international Occupy movement, took place on New York’s Wall Street. Frustrated by the corrupting influence of corporations on the government, the Occupy Movement aimed to encourage political reforms to the policies contributing to the ever-rising gap Continue Reading


al gobierno de maduro el presidente de mi país iván duque lo está culpando de que gracias a él el pueblo venezolano en este momento está aguantando hambre de que venezuela en este momento debe unirse para estar preparado para una posible confrontación de guerra con colombia y el presidente Continue Reading

5 Inequality Myths

ANTONY DAVIES: Myths about inequality. Myth number one. Profit and plunder are the same thing. Imagine a person who provides services to society. Maybe he mows lawns, or fixes cars, or paints houses, and in return for these services he provides to others, he asks for something in return, maybe Continue Reading

Why Are We So Nostalgic? – 8-Bit Philosophy

It’s time to rev up the hype train, dear viewer. Your childhood memories are getting a reboot! That campy horror flick? It’s being remade! Your favorite 70s classic space opera? Let’s make it again! That 80s cartoon imploring you not to do drugs? Nobody asked, but let’s make a sequel! Continue Reading

Why socialism keeps attracting each new generation (despite a track record of failure)

Facts don’t matter! Socialism has been a complete and total clusterfuck every single place it’s ever been tried. One more piece of evidence is not the missing cognitive pick that’s gonna get through the lock of other people’s idiocy. We have dozens, if not hundreds of examples of socialism being Continue Reading

Opportunity and welfare in the first new nation (1974) | ARCHIVES

Announcer: The American Enterprise Institute presents the Distinguished Lecture Series on the bicentennial of the United States. Our host for this thought-provoking series is Vermont Royster, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist with the “Wall Street Journal” and Professor of journalism and public affairs at the University of North Carolina. Vermont Royster: I’m Continue Reading