LGBTQ+ Conservatives and Progressives Debate Identity Politics and the 2020 Election (Part 2/2)

one of the reasons I walked away from the Democratic Party liberalism is I'm so fed up with identity politics I am so fed up with political correctness I am so fed up with all ability and everyone here has already said it's lack of policy all identity heir Pete Continue Reading

Unit 1 Intro to Ideologies – Lesson 2: Individualism vs Collectivism

let's review the key concepts of ideologies your ideology is how you interpret the world around you and it influences your actions no person group or state is purely one ideology which is why we look at ideologies in terms of spectrums one of the most basic ways to classify Continue Reading

軋轢のイデオローグ Ideology in Friction プレイ動画 騎士団ルート最終章 part14 終末をもたらす天上からの遣い⑤

[음악] 아 our 젖어 아 two 아아 아 뭐 222 아 바쳤고 머루와 점프가 깨다 멋있어요 아 봐 아 야스오 왼손 있어야 하잖아요 다음 내적 짓찧어 요즘엔 헤어샵 나갔 족보 닿아 아 싸 어제 합시다 부르 아 사람이 마문 워커스 키메라 2 맞춘 안 해 거지 [음악] 아 으 [음악] Continue Reading