Is CAPITALISM coming to NORTH KOREA? – VisualPolitik EN

history has shown us that sometimes the impossible happens Mikhail Gorbachev went from leading of a Soviet Union the face of a North American multinational company sometimes nothing brings people together like a nice hot pizza from Pizza [Applause] so we ever see something like this in North Korea well Continue Reading

ప్రొటెం స్పీకర్ ఎవరో తేల్చేసిన జగన్ । YS Jagan Sensational Decision On Speaker | Political Bench

JP Newton a mockumentary cup ramen and cheese not Jagan Paulo no Carl Pettersson are avocado buddy Lilith a guru ji sang Shima pas de calabaza me Coolibar Cooper actual and Cheston are you can within a month Roberta pramanas week arm pnina AP assembly some official currency demand a Continue Reading

Naa Acquah: Student societies

hi my name's not aqua I studied an undergrad in religion theology at the University of Manchester and now I'm sending my masters and international relations I think the student union is a very big aspect of my university life I joined a society because I went on a study Continue Reading

Let's Play "NRA Gun Club" – 4 – Shotguns and Social Structure

you know there are a lot of challenges involved in in their design there's the obvious stuff like you know always online games and games that are only sold digitally which can disappear at any time those are a big issue and even then there are just games that are Continue Reading

Closet Organization Ideas & Tips: Organizing Your Closet

hi everyone its Alejandra and I am standing inside of my very organized closet and I'm so excited to be giving you guys a closet tour today because I have spent maybe a little over six months trying to set up my closet trying to get it right trying to Continue Reading