$200k to $250k = Middle Class?

$200k to $250k = Middle Class?

mit romney has been saying that he’s in
favor of helping the middle class so he was on good morning america on friday an
answer by what do you think is a middle class interstate the the fundamentals of my tax policy of
these number one reduced tax burdens on middle income
people so no one can say my plan is to raise
taxes on middle-income people ’cause principal number one is keep burdened
down a middle-income tax burden dollars middle-income no middle income is two
hundred twenty thousand dollars unless the no income is two hundred did two hundred and fifty
thousand all that’s going to be news to a lot of americans how they would love that predicament for
that to be middle class that is individuals of family anything you like a twenty-eight if you
have an l_a_ new york maybe but that’s exactly where the rest
of the country to try to fifty thousand dollars a lot of money brian nice house that you’re like one of the richest
hasn’t happy yet ordered fifty thousand dollars but that’s exactly the point in the air bubble invalid new york washington d_c_ all the
people they don’t like about poor guy only mixed in twenty five miles north
fork maybe that is like dot forgot figure one for the game it’s his middle-class what do you think
of middle class eileen middle class is around fifty
thousand all committed to and so and i think that that is very
near the median income of the country and and they hadn’t money that he has no
says the guy in indiana what he actually makes they help a lot of people world where we
say fifty thousand is actually that’s like the middle class it’s pretty damn good where we think get that kind of information consume went to an elitist school grove a lot of
money you never really had to work work where were we need these it’s funny that
this spectacular entry of him on c_n_n_ who was supposed to be on his side of
their table tomorrow and they said well looked at the end of
the art and to rebuild the vietnam he would have a great restraint any state in a mansion but he said he
could be said all but he had a hard time because uh… people were angry demerit goods
from door to vietnam at mit romney was a very good biennale more if they’re
gonna be a great anybody should be have but is the body parts they also some trouble with the mail and so daddy’s money wouldn’t get too
much time sometimes arm are you ok is running out of the
mansion in france that is what he didn’t get to you in time academy alright he knows what suffering
is that of course right so it and i know painting needed you grew up
incredibly rich you are now of multi multi millionaire it you know the place to live in a million dollars
at the u_n_ proposal the united states america were a little multimillionaires you might want to get to understand are
really issues and problems so that you can begin to address that if that’s
correct and not even tried can’t believe he said that on t_v_ background why
you’re surprised most of the things look at it are you going to send money back signed
a lease of problem and i got all that but you want to talk acidic don’t you think that you put a little
effort into figuring out what the middle-class actually goes through he didn’t even tried dysentery often doesn’t care wide open so many
other things like i served my country proselytize in france for most of it not
war as you said a while ago was like
something like and i give ten percent of my money to to make sure so that’s kinda like
paying more in taxes like when you’re trying to get on our list of notes not
north out of the damage is only going to get to build a bridge s from the church
because i don’t think that’s cool privacy a crazy estrogen disposal on
engane you know campaigns before and i wasn’t or work for buying companies yes returning you by the way one other funny uh… mit romney think one of his top advisors
of richard williamson just said uh… if that money was president none
of these embassy attacks would be happy the victors he show people who’s boss and so they would respect them and no
not attacked the u exams that part of our cabinet drawers
everybody where our embassies were attacked by the
way over and over again and the u_n_ was also fit into those of
their interact which you people died you know our embassies in so many different countries are
constantly attacked we were constantly effect nine dapat
other bourgeois lol when republicans they know about this on which planet

100 thoughts on “$200k to $250k = Middle Class?

  1. My income is $220,000 and I can barely make ends meet. With the prices to port my yacht and property taxes, they just make staying afloat impossible. I hope Romney wins and helps middle class Americans as myself.

    Anything under $200,000 is poverty, hence making Romney's statement correct.

  2. census bureau reports that median household (typically 2 workers) is $50k-
    avg person yearly income is $25k-30k

    it would take the avg yearly income 33-40 yrs to make a million $'s,
    350+/- yrs to make $10 million (the avg ceo yearly takings)
    3500 yrs to make $100million
    35,000 yrs to make a $billion, which is what the bottom of the 400 richest american makes, who saw there income grow by $200 billion last year, an avg of $500 million each (or 17,500 years of work for the avg worker)

  3. Romney didn't work one day in 2011 but, made $38,000 per day ! Easy to understand why he perceives $200K to $250K to be middle class. Does this mean that the remaining 47% are truly needy ?

  4. I make 50K. With child support, car payment, gas, mortgage, food etc there isn't enough left to give a dollar to the presidential re-election fund.

  5. You missed the question the interviewer asked him "Is 100,000 middle income?" If 100,000 per year is not middle income then you can't say he meant " 0 to 250k". Obama is the lesser evil no matter how you look at it now. 50% of Americans are not freeloading dirtbags.

  6. reality check: that will never happen. Qualifications for admissions to Med school will become more stringent, acceptance rates will remain the same as they are now, costs will of tuition and fees will go up, attrition rates will remain the same in med school will stay the same. In other words, the AMA would never allow an over supply of labor in their profession. It would depress their average income and they typical doctor would make much less than 200K/yr. Simple economics & politics.

  7. are you guys complaining that romney's plan will (ALLEGEDLY) lower taxes for the vast majority of americans?

    i agree that 250k is out of line as far as being considered "middle" or even upper middle … and in fact the number of people pulling that kind of coin is in the single digit percent range as far as compared to the rest of the population. buuuuut that then means the vast majority are going to get tax decreases, right? not that any of this means anything until we end the fed :-

  8. You are rich with that much, damn my dad only make around 45 thousand. The only way I could make that kind of annually income if I own a business.

  9. cheaters like china?? is he serious?? what about his cheating ass?? why on earth are we forced to watch these stupid mitt romney and political commercials on every video..I do not approve these redundant brainwashing messages….please go away advertisements…poof

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  11. I would LOVE IT if that was true! He must've been rich his whole life, if he thinks $250k is MIDDLE CLASS. Cenk is right. About $50k is more accurate. Maybe $40k.

  12. This "young turks" guy is down right dishonest. Romney said $250K or less, yet YTY titled the video $200K-$250K. That's dishonest.

    Yes $250K or less would be middle class from Romney's perspective. He's RICH. That's the point. Not envy. Just like anyone who makes $100K/yr looks rich to someone who make $25K/year. It's just perspective & there is nothing here that denigrates Romney. Put another way: If you want prosperity, do you hang out with poor people or prosperous people?

    UR Choice.

  13. Thats bullshit. Romney clearly said 200K to 250K is middle Income. What he said is less than 250K but more than 200K. Romney is a douche get over it.

  14. "No, middle income is 200, 250,000 dollars and less"…..seems to me Romney said $200-$250,000 is the top end of the middle class, and that theoretically he believes $0 would qualify as middle class, although doubtful that was his intent. It is debatable as to whether that is truly "middle income", but $250,000 is not a completely ridiculous number to pick as a top for middle class individuals for the purposes of developing tax code policy. TYT is really blowing this way out of proportion.

  15. That interpretation makes no sense, the 200-250 part of his statement shows he has a range (but is unsure of a specific number) for the top end. I have never had a sentence like you describe spoken to me. Anytime I have ever had people give a range with no other words (ie "I don't know he looks is 5, 6 years old") spoken between the numbers it is always implied it is a loose range for one specific number (ie the child cannot be both 5 and 6 years old, but appears to be in that range).

  16. Thank you so much for the reply. I have been trying to understand who Obama voters are & now you have cleared it up for me. They are all deaf &/or lack the brain functionality needed to understand/comprehend human speech.

    It's the smile & hand waving, not the words (ideas) coming out of his mouth that motivates people to vote for him.

    I'm no fan of Romney, but at least he's no traitor. 40 more days & this socialistic nightmare is over & we start to restore our once great nation.


  17. Here is the problem. Sure Romney said 250-200K and less. What is the less part? What does "middle income" ranges actually mean to him? 250K-50K? What? He never stated the range clearly and defined. You can't honestly say that 250K is "middle income" that is not anywhere near the median incomes in the US now. Something is amiss in that respect, the rest I can agree with what you said.

  18. The poverty levl is about $25K per household. Low income would be $45K to 25K per househld. Middle income would be $50K to 250K or so. Personally my perspective would be $1million and less would be middle income. We have poverty level $45K under, lower middle income $50-100K, Middle income $100K-250K and upper middle income $250K to $1million. But all of this is IRRELEVENT. All this does is promote clas warfare. Who cares? It does not make one person better or worse than other (in character.)

  19. Ummm…you are talking about class warfare, which is not the point nor an answer to the question. No one is talking about poverty levels either, or who is better. This is way off skew of the topic. I simply asked…again: What is the middle income range and what is that defined by Romney? A simple answer to the question please. Thanks!

  20. I want to point out these people who made this video are JUST ENVIOUS. You can hear it in their voices & their choice of words. Listen to what they said: Romney is not building their bridges. They don't care he gives millions to churches because: "I'm not getting any of that" is what they said. They see rich people as responsible for their needs instead of themselves.That Romney is out of touch with the needs of middle class. It's not his responsibility. Their needs are THEIR responsibility

  21. The info on what is "middle" income is just math. The IRS has a full chart of income distribution. It's just MATH. It's not "evil" or "out of touch" or based on what school you went to. ALL THIS IS JUST JEALOUSY AND ENVY.

  22. Goodness…what is all the deflecting and going on these tangents about? I asked a simple question with no agenda. Still with no answer, and what the IRS lists as middle income and what Romney thinks are not the same thing apparently. I want to know what HE thinks. There is no jealousy here. This is way past getting silly, I am a conservative business owner, asking a damn simple question.

  23. And my question is: So what? Why does it matter if Romney's idea of what is middle class is not what your's or the OP or the IRS? Why does it matter?

  24. I'm sorry, but I don't know if youtube is not posting my posts… I answer your question with a quesion: Why does it matter what Romney thinks is middle class?

  25. He said middle "income" people, he didn't say middle "class" morons. 200,000 and 250,000 are middle incomed people that are highly taxed! Freaking liberals twisting the truth again, its getting old!

  26. LOL that was the main point of why he was asked the question. WOW….this is the main problem of why most cannot discuss things, ask a direct question and either insults or deflection. I just don't understand how that helps, but whatever. Late.

  27. I found this really interesting because I thought 200k to 250k would be right, but then again I live in a country where 50k and less is considered under the poverty line.

  28. Stephanopoulos asked if 100k is middle income, assuming that everyone above that, is considered rich, but Romney responds by pointing out 250k is around the top middle class income. Tyt is trying to make a story out of nothing, why don't you start focusing on something important like the ECONOMY. Oh, you can't, because it would look bad for obama – 4 years = less jobs, no keystone pipeline, higher taxes on the middle class, solyndra, fast and furious, socialized medicine, 16 trillion in debt

  29. Wait…to be fair he said 200-250 AND LESS. I can't stand Romney, but as far as I know, that includes the 50k that Cenk mentions. What are these two hens clucking about?

  30. Obviously 200k isn't the lower range of the middle class. Middle class is anywhere from 30K-250K. The median income in this country is about 32K so that, by definition, is the middle class.

  31. Middle class is where the workers have considerable leisure time and save money to build equity, but also have to keep working in order to maintain their assets and equity rather than just live off of interest and investments. Since most people who earn 200-250K can't just retire, I'd say they often are middle class.

  32. Well thats actually considered upper middle class the majority of americans do not earn that much money especially now. The reason why romney is often crticized and is loosing support is because he does not seem to be concerned with how most americans are doing. This clip is saying that he seems out of touch most americans don't earn 250'000 a year and if you do it is a blessing and you will be able retire at some point. Most who make 50k will have a harder time.

  33. Upper middle class is, by definition, a part of middle class. While most Americans don't earn 250K, their lives wouldn't be all that different if they did. The biggest differences would be the location of their neighborhood, house size, schools, and retirement.

    For the record, I'm nowhere near 250K at this point in my engineering career, and statistically speaking, I never will be. I just know people who earn 250K in medicine and business.

  34. @jay bartgis … Listen closer, my friend. The interviewer asked mitt Romney, " is 100000 a year middle class". And Romney said "NO. Middle class is 200 to 250000 or less". Mitt Romney flat out said that 100k was NOT middle class implying his range for middle class's is 200-250k. Its always useful to listen before calling others dumb 🙂

  35. well then why would he of just said 250k and less? i mean that makes no sense. he just corrected himself after the fact to makeup for it. u are right though

  36. Less than 5% of American households make $200,000 or more. Mitt needs a remedial lesson in statistics if he is trying to squeeze 95% of the population into lower and middle class. Better yet, how about transplanting a conscience into the soulless jerk?

  37. I hate watcing this, I hate when TYT does this…. H clearly said 250 and LESS meaning the 100k is within that range.

    It's bad enough that he thinks ANY middle ncome eson makes 200k fudging hi words.

  38. Obama has the same definition of middle class. And you all know damn well he meant 250 and less. Not between 200 to 250 specifically. Keep spinning shit, as usual.

  39. Yup! In his world, that's middle class! I've got to get a new job…

    I thought I was doing good at 50K a year. Just think… he may be your new president. Doubtful, but maybe. 🙁

  40. Really guys? Come on. That is not what he meant. Yes, fox news spins everything they can but that doesn't mean we have to stoop to their level. I thought we were the party that liked facts.

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  42. repubs want to save it???
    the repubs agenda since the new deal has been to enrich the rich by pushing down the middle class- throughout the 50'-70's (our strongest economic period, when it only took 1 person working, at a factory no less, to live a middle class lifestyle) america implemented pro-middle class ideals, through regulation, strong unions, fair taxation-
    since 80' & reaganomics (trickle down) weve been on an anti-middle class course & we are witnessing the results-
    we need real change

  43. Yes, you can make up to 250K and be "middle calss" depending on where you live. My household incomeis 250K and my house is valued at 235K. I drive a Chevy. I'm not allowed to receive a tax refund. These guys clearly don't understand ecenomics.

  44. your actually close to the median income-
    $26,000 a year,…or $12.50 /hr
    compare that to the avgerage ceo's wage of $10 millions a year…
    or $5,000 /hr (in less than a day he makes what the avg american makes in a year)-

    kinda sad that in 72' the avg ceo made 30x's his avg workers wage (which would figure out to roughly $780.000 (reasonable), compare to todays ceo making 300x's his avg workers wage).


  46. well if ur parents are millionaires and super rich, u think well the middle must be 250,000…. uhh noo try a gain mitt…. Same thing with Paul Ryan, these guys have been rich their entire life and think they know whats best for poor and middle class americans

  47. U can see the holy shit on mitt's face….. All my life i thought middle class was 250,000…. im 60 and u mean to tell me its 30,000… fuck well maybe i feel a tad bit less about fuckin them over… Wait, fuck people who make 30,000 to

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  49. If you make $10 an hour (minimum wage is $7.25) and you are lucky enough to actually get 40 hours a week that is only $20k a year. If you are married and both work at that same rate than that is still only a combined $40k a year. So middle class as a combined family where two or more are working maybe $70k-$150k but if both are working than both pay taxes and that money is split to $35k-$75k each. So what is in the middle of that? About $50k.

  50. HE SAYS middle income is "$200,000 and less" meaning 200,000 would be the top of the middle class which is true. $200,000 would be the top of the upper middle class. sounds right to me. maybe he should have given a bottom maybe 60,000 or so is the cut off and below that you are working class. sorry but if you're making 20-60,000 you aint middle class. but in america everyone likes to call themselves middle class but it ain't the truth. the Bourgeoisie has money

  51. Except he already said what was less. The exact exchange goes :

    "Is a hundred thousand dollars middle income?"
    "No, middle income is two hundred, two hundred fifty thousand dollars and less."

    He already gave his base figure of $200,000. It defies any generous interpretation to go from $200,000 to anywhere near $50,000.

  52. Maybe some Mormon families even weirder than his, with a dozen kids, all living in the same household, and all old enough to work… gets you to inch your way up to a $¼ million. In terms of regular individuals – hell, even regular couples – BOLLOCKS.

  53. 250k a year? If that were, the middle, the bottom would be at above liveable wage. Nice to know someone still lives in candy land.
    Easy words from a born wealthy, investor.
    He'd shit himself if any employee of his made a third of his idea of the middle class wage.
    I never supported Obama though.
    Maybe there is no middle of the road lol.
    Just hypocrit, or hypocrit that smoked weed.

  54. Question is Middle-income for a family, not average income. What Young Turks doesn't understand is Mitt Romney is right, if you look at the true high-income class in the country middle-class is 250k or less for a family.

  55. these people are becoming millionaires withing 4 to 5 years, no way they are middle class. He doesn't have a clue and his arithmetic is very bad.

  56. are two grown men who just make YouTube videos and comment on other people saying that mitt Romney never worked? This channel is a joke. Living anywhere on either coast with a family and children 200 grand is nothing especially after taxes and student loans. Since when is living in rural Indiana as a single person the standard for middle-class income? 200k after taxes is a little over 100k and in CA or NY thats nothing if you have a family to feed and student loans and mortgage!

  57. about right, he is talking about family income which is dual earners… these days most people with a college degree and a few years experience make $100-150k/yr in any major metro area, so two incomes would be $200-300k/yr which is what he was referring to.

  58. I have a few friends that are at the upper end of the middle class income spectrum, and trust me they’re not rolling in the green. A funny thing happens when you become the person making a high income, everyone you know is taking a little off the top. Right off the bat if you’re “pulling in 250k”, realistically you’re bringing in about 125K after income taxes (federal, state, local, Medicare, Medicaid, and social security taxes), capital gains taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, use taxes, sales taxes, taxes on services, etc. So before you spend a dime of your money you’re already at 125K. Still a lot of money for sure, until you factor in other outside obligations like picking up the check for every one of your extended families events ($$ minimum for birthdays, $$$ Holidays, and $$$$ for family reunions). Now I’ve yet to meet anyone at the 250K mark that doesn’t get hit up for money on a at least monthly basis from one of their hard up friends or family members. More money, more hand outs.

  59. Middle class is not 50k. It’s truly 150-250k. Reality is was it is. If you make 60k on a family of 4 then your suffering.

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