The Reason Youth Leave the Church

I remember at certain intervals of my youth that there would be this thing that my peers and I would all be interested in and then all of a sudden it would become obsolete and in such dramatic fashion that if you didn’t quickly catch up and also denounce that Continue Reading

Costa Rica TEFL Class #3 – Teaching English Abroad Social Takeover

Why Hong Kong disturbs Xi Jinping’s vision for China | FT

China’s President Xi Jinping has made the restoration of his country’s power and dignity the central theme of his presidency. But Hong Kong, a part of China’s sovereign territory, has descended into violent anarchy. Universities have turned into battlegrounds. Protesters are hurling Molotov cocktails at the police. But they appear Continue Reading

Michael Porter Jr.’s Journey Through Heartbreak and Faith | The Players’ Tribune

– It was heartbreaking. That’s what I’ve been working my whole life towards. Packed stands, sold-out crowd, everybody’s cheering like crazy, and I can’t even jump off the ground. – Smile at the camera. Dribble and turn around and smile, so it looks natural. – Haha. When I moved to Continue Reading

Brave Wood Ducklings Take 30-Foot Leap of Faith

A dozen wood ducks are ready to hatch. [PEACEFUL MUSIC] [CHICKS SQUEAKING] NARRATOR: All the chicks are born alert and with a full coat of down. They can’t fly yet, but they can’t stay cramped up here either. After only one day, Mom calls for them to boldly go where Continue Reading